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Strange and annoying crashes

Strange freezes

Strange computer lockup

Strange Freezing Problem when multiple programs open

System and programs hang (also restarting problems)

System freezes at random.

System Freezing & Starting Problems

System freezes due to HD adding

system freezes for a short time

System freezes incessantly

System freezing

System freeze on startup

system freezing during search

System hangs and freezes

System freezes on startup after installing antivirus.

System Hanging on start up

System Hang on bootup

System hangs during bootup

System Freezes Temporarily:

System freezes up!

System Freeze Help

System crashes ~40 minutes after startup.

System lock up

System freezes

System freezes and hangs imediately it boots onto desktop (HP630

System locking up after being idle

System hangs whenever I use any web browser

System Freez without any cause

System Freeze - Halp!

System Freezess

System freezeups

System hangs after noise

system hangs on startup

System halts during bootprocess

System lock up-not sure if its hardware or software

System freezing constantly

System Regularly Freezes

System Pauses

system pauses for a sec and is very slow

System Freeze/BSOD

System hang at startup

System Restore freezes PC when trying to turn it on

System randomly reboots and occasional screen freez

system sometimes hangs after resuming from standby

System Security Malware + Computer freezing on start-up in normal mode

System Start-up hang

System Skips/Hangs at Random

System Temporarily Freezing During ANY action.

System freezes - looking for suggestions

Systems Hangup and software issues

Sytem freezing.?

the GMER downloaded then froze?

to stop getting frozen computer

Too many Freezes

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