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Sudden CPU Usage surge when i move mouse

Suddenly SLOW but normal mem usage.

Super Slow - CPU at 100% (malware

Suppen spike in CPU and RAM

Super slow CPU

Svchost and/or Explorer at 50% CPU = lags/freezes

Svchost.exe "system" and "Bonjour"

svchost.exe at 100% at boot.

svchost.exe utilization and Home Page hijack

svchost.exe 100% cpu spiking on windows vista 32bit

SVCHOST.exe and/or SYSTEM IDLE PROCESS consuming 99% CPU[moved from XP for Security

symproxysvc eating up CPU time.

System is SLOW (CPU @ 100%)

System Locks Up an Processes Max out!

System locking up at 100% CPU usage

System Process making cpu usage jump.

system perfomance down . to 38%

System process stealing 99% resources

System in Task Manager always high;CPU 100%

System resources working overtime.HJT logfile

system task manager process constantly eating half my CPU power?

System Usage randomly jumps

Task Manager CPU usage prob.

taskmgr.exe & High CPU usage

TaskMgr.exe running at 99%

taskmgr.exe uses 100% CPU

Taskmgn.exe Max CPU Virus (and Russian Dialogue Box)

Taskmgr.exe using 10% CPU usage

task manager running REALLY slow - help plz

Task Scheduler won't run. CPU at constant 100%

Too many open applications makes Win XP seize up

Too much CPU usage - what can I delete/uncheck from startup

too much CPU useage

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