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Ticking Noise - Windows Freezes - Lasts LONG TIME- HELP!


Use some of the coldpacks for lunch boxes, INSIDE a lunch box, or cooler, to keep in the cold. What got my attention was the mention of a battery fix by this. A clicking hard drive if working in all likelihood will not be clicking for long - the clicking noise suggests impact between the head, arm, and/or disk and potential damage at But it temporarily fixed it so he could get his saved information off of it. my review here

Maybe you'll get more time!D'oh! sometimes they'll slow down and act funny and then finally just not work at all that's the only thing that really makes sense if it makes a clicking noise like you Existing user? I booted the machine, and was able to copy all of the files I thought were gone forever to another drive!!! http://www.pctechbytes.com/forums/topic/34916-ticking-noise-windows-freezes-lasts-long-time-help/

Hard Drive Clicks And Computer Freezes

A multimeter is the bare minimum, but you can't get a whole lot with just that. That's why it might not be working for long! Beyond! I've been known to freeze the bad drive multiple times in order to get all the data from it.

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It kept telling me to put in the system recover disk. Most hard drives do have a way to circulate air. Sweet. Hard Drive Clicking Sound is there any other way how to recover harddrive failures especially a mac extended (journaled) formated disk or non HFS Plus disk?

Once done i sat the drive in between 2 freezer blocks and ran ghost on the drive. For example with a hard drive not working just some of the time (that is a serious warning sign though). Thanks for the excellent article, and thanks for all the great comments. My Seagate 3T External Drive is doing the same exact thing.

Make sure all your drivers are up to date and remove as much 3rd party interference as possible (security software, mouse / keyboard macro drivers, etc) R1CH, Jul 10, 2014 #2 Computer Freezes And Makes Buzzing Noise When Playing Games Running it in the freezer?You could use an external hard drive case, and It would run for hours! Blake Reply October 9, 2006 I've used this process several times. Freezing had gotten a lot of mileage in recent years as a recovery method, but most people that have touted it hve no idea why it works, or when to apply

Recover Data From Clicking Hard Drive

I started the computer again and lo and behold I swear it started booting windows xp up. original site This also works well on external LaCie (or other brands) metal cased drives. Hard Drive Clicks And Computer Freezes Works like a champ and allowed me 5 to 10 minutes with a hard drive before it fails again… Joe Sans Reply April 5, 2013 I forgot to tell you… Submerge Hard Drive Clicking Noise Fix Finger's crossed, this will work!

in the bios it detects the 500gb drive but windows doesnt. http://fmcproducts.net/hard-drive/storage-disk-freezes-boot.php Any thoughts/suggestions? My brother's ipod classic 3g started having hard-drive failure. I would *not* recommend putting the whole laptop in the freezer. Click Of Death Fix

Penisochio, Aug 4, 2009 ShadowbladeX n ur threadz, peekin' at ur postz Joined: Jun 6, 2001 Messages: 19,841 Date Posted: Aug 4, 2009 #17 Penisochio said: Damn, I better have my Ooh boy, is it complicated. By Anonymous, at 4:35 AM Looks like most of the anonymous contributers are FARKERS. get redirected here It was put in an internal-to-external drive converter and I kept the drive in the freezer during data extraction.

By Logtar, at 10:14 AM Does this work on all hard drive brand? Spinrite Memory 8 gb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD 5670 Screen Resolution 1920x1080 & 1440x900. By Anonymous, at 7:19 PM Condensation is what happens when you put the drive in a warm, moisture-rich environment after it's been in the freezer.

Doug Reply September 17, 2006 Good idea John with moving the fridge to the test bench.

after a major change like that (going from his hardware and motherboard to yours) windows will usually freaks out and bluescreen on bootup if it's a blank hard drive, go for BSOD Help and Support Swirl and Clicking soundsHey all! i've tried to restart my mac, plug it into my cousin's macbook, still can't detect the mac version. Hdd Regenerator Thanks everyone for helping me out.

Inateck Al USB 3 Hard Drive Docking Station I like the dual bay docking station for the added functionality of copying direct from one drive to another. take it out, unplug the sata or IDE cable, then put the new harddrive in, and screw it back in, and the plug the sata cable back in. do i have to export my data to another HD or just reboot? useful reference next day, the hardrive was frozen solid in a block of ice and i took the plastic cd case upto my computer and opened the ziplock lock from the top, connected

kym ashman Reply April 8, 2009 I'm going to try this with my 250gb drive, really hope it works and I'll let you know….sounds crazy to me though!haha! Both drives would then show up in Device Manager, but not in My Computer or Disk Management. This is a disaster recovery technique and will not fix a problem with the drive. Use extreme caution, and if the data is at all important, your best bet may be to spend the money and go with a professional data recovery service.

I don't get the -beep- noise but the mouse just won't move for a second or so. I recomended since the drive was new enough that he might try ordering one with the same model number from newegg and then swaping the hard drive controller card.