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svchost ocasionally eating up all RAM on startup

Svchost using too much memory.

Svchost taking up my Memory

Svchost high memory usage

SVChost using 25% of memory PLEASE HELP

Svchost.exe high memory usage

svchost.exe using a lot of memory

svchost.exe using alot of memory

svchost.exe using 30% of RAM right after boot

Svchost.exe using massive memory

SVCHOST using large amounts of Phys. Memory

svchost.exe using up memory

Svhost Taking Up 80 Megabytes Of Memory.

SVCHOST.EXE is running high

svchost.exe taking 240MB of memory.

svchost using nearly 5GB of memory

SVChost.exe memory problem

svchost.eve grabbing all available memory

svchost taking up too much ram

svchost is hogging up my mem usage!

svchost.exe using excessive memory problem

svchost.exe using too much memory

svchost.exe Uses 15-20mb of Memory At Startup. Help?

svhost using excessive vm

svchost issue. plus others?

svchost.exe suddenly using more memory

svchost.exe taking up over 300k memory!

Svchost.exe network service taking all my memory!

svchost mem usage help

SVC Host Eating Huge Amounts of RAM

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