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The Bass Of My Sub Has Become Quieter Without Use


Tell you what. Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Chris_G, May 17, 2013. So? Your example is a bit unclear.

It looks like it tries to minimize the connection between the sub and the building itself, sort of like what Anechoic suggested in his first thread. This, combined with some critical listening, can really help to fine-tune your ear to the subtle differences you will experience here. I had to be standing at least 50 yards from the warehouse it was sitting in, and I felt it from there. Nobody on this forum has this, REALLY,,,,REALLY,,,,#@%&!#,,,,Annoying Bass bug problem...

Subwoofer Neighbors Downstairs

Right, but if you push an amplifier past its comfortable operating range, potential current for bass runs up against the power supply's limits. Sound & Audio Which type of fan on the computer is quieter?Like we may all know. This is an example of how long audio wavelengths can really travel.

He knows this shit.- AndrewZ Jim Z Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor Tribus: Detroit-ish Registered: Nov 5, 1999Posts: 37696 Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 7:37 pm quote:Originally posted by Jehos:quote:Originally posted Given that, something else must be going on. Of course it is likely that you get what you pay for here and products from companies such as MaxxBass from Waves or even Logic Pro's Sub-Bass can produce excellent results How To Reduce Bass Noise From Neighbours What is the logic behind this?

Quote: Originally Posted by Phantom123;13344223  Well sounds like something went wrong with it. Subwoofer Apartment Neighbor malor Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Aug 8, 2003Posts: 2967 Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 5:51 am If you want to approach it in geek fashion, you could try measuring which frequencies If you do decide to use a dedicated sub then there are a few things you should look out for. http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/volume-goes-up-bass-goes-down-why.318312/ Second of all, if you can't hear from at least 50hz and up, you're fucked, get better speakers. 40hz and up is the best imo.

Arguably the best solution to evade all these issues is to install a dedicated sub woofer, and although this does involve some expense it is certainly the most streamlined method for Subwoofer Vibration Absorber Of course it will be better for his neighbor. It's simply a case of adding a duplicate MIDI track under the original part and pointing it at a new instrument that is generating a low frequency rich sound. But in real life, our sensitivity to bass is not so good at low volumes, much better at higher volume.

Subwoofer Apartment Neighbor

Please report threads and comments that violate the following rules: Be respectful No flame wars, disrespect based on music preference, condescension based on level of experience, or tactless posts stereotyping any http://www.overclock.net/t/1003792/subwoofer-suddenly-quiet-distorted-less-powerful Unfortunately the bottom line is these frequencies have to be heard if your mix is to work well on a large system. Subwoofer Neighbors Downstairs My new system ( not listed yet..im lazy ) has a choice of "No eq", "Graphic EQ" or "Parametric EQ" Mine has one of those automatic microphone thingies, that plays a Subwoofer In Apartment Building Mixed carefully this simple technique can add all the bass you need without any processing at all.

I've been at this for a few hours and am thinking of paying someone to have a look at it, is there anything else I can do before I take it No memes/low-effort content Keep it productive, intelligent, intelligible, and constructive. We do make exceptions to some threads that create insightful discussion. Search all issuesPreview this magazine » Browse all issues19601970198019902000 Jan 1970Feb 1970Mar 1970Apr 1970May 1970Jun 1970Jul 1970Aug 1970Sep 1970Oct 1970Nov 1970Dec 1970Jan 1971Feb 1971Mar 1971Apr 1971May 1971Jun 1971Jul 1971Aug 1971Sep 1971Oct How To Muffle A Subwoofer

  • Even sounds that have had their low frequencies boosted can sometimes benefit from having some sub-bass removed.
  • Still, none of this explains how subwoofers came to be seen as important to music.
  • Somtimes new drivers are buggy.
  • But he claims this happens on more than one system.
  • I hooked it straight up to my phone and it gave more bass than before, but then the sub suddenly shut off and it won't turn back on again.
  • As most EQ plug-ins go all the way down to 20hz it is pretty simple to add a few db of boost or attenuation to a sound in the area of

There are a few issues though; in order to reproduce sub-bass, speakers tend to utilize large bass drivers. 8 or 10 inch drivers are often required for the job and this So turn off the subs and swap out the Beats if the music you’re listening to was recorded pre-computer; or if it was recorded since but is focused on reproducing the But I know that my system is about the same as the guy above me and his is so penetrating that I had to switch which room I set up as The problem these critics find with Beats is the same described by O’Malley—bass boosting doesn’t add to the sound spectrum so much as mask certain frequencies.

Join the Community Share ideas. How To Dampen Bass Coming Through A Wall We need more info. Everything was working fine until a few days ago when the sub lost almost all its bass.

Bass and treble should be set to 0.

is that... ofactor View Public Profile Find More Posts by ofactor Less bass and quieter « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Similar help and support threads Thread Forum Annoying BASS Bug,,,Ummm, Really Its two main fans 1: https://www.sevenforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=259599&stc=1&d=1363447896 And 2: https://www.sevenforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=259598&stc=1&d=1363447896 For me it feels like the #2: is the most quiet and most cooling one. How To Stop Bass From Traveling Through Walls As O’Malley points out, sound pressure is energy, and communicating energy can be a large part of what music is about.

Nevertheless, some people install many—like movie theaters did for Earthquake, and the Paradise Garage did with their Levan Horns. This can work with everything from bass lines to kick drums and percussion. I don't have anything else that can output via RCA, but I'll have a look, thanks. Because these plug-ins are dynamics processors you also have the ability to tweak ratio, threshold, attack and release of the effect, as you would have in a standard compressor.

There is also the problem of structure-borne noise: Your sub will vibrate (probably more then it would vibrate on the floor since there is no friction holding it in place). This means you could be boosting 30-80hz and cutting below 30hz at the same time. It may make the room performance better or worse depending on a variety of factors. Some EQ plug-ins such as Logic Pro's actually include a spectrum analyzer within its interface.

Engage in a polite discussion with the neighbors about when and how loud you can crank the tunes. Which meant that even Pretzel Logic—mastered and pressed as an LP—couldn’t benefit from the sound system it had been mixed on. permalinkembedsave[–]wannabuyawatch 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago(0 children)Mix down, listen, rinse, repeat.