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Stupidly Slow Computer :(

Super slow PC

super slow computer!

Super slowed down computer.

super sluggish computer

super slow laptop

super slowdown laptop

super slow comp :/

Super super slooooow computer.please check my log

System becoming slow.

System Extreamly Slow

system extremelly slow and shouldn't be

System extremely slow

System is running VERY SLOW Ugh!

System is running very slowly

System gets slow and go.

System is soo slow?

System is TERRIBLY slow

system is running very slow.check HJT

System is Slow

System is painfully s-l-o-w

System is so SLOW! HELP!

System really slow!

System Performance is Slowwww

System Going Slow?

system running extremely slow

System slow. Help.

system runs slow

System slow.Pages not loading or not found. Help?

System Slowwwwwww

System slowed down

System runs poorly

System Sluggish

System Speed Slow

system running real slow.

System Slowing down again

System slowing down

system running very slow please help!

System running very slow

System running VERY VERY slow! :(

System running slooow!

system very very slow

System runs very slow.

system slow issue

System slower

System very slow

System veeeeery slow!

System too slow

System slow and sluggish

System slow down

System running super slow; can anyone help?

systems are too slow

Tesllar A is slowing my system

THis comp is slow. and takin all my memory.

This is slowing my computer down/What is it

This laptop is just soooo slow.

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