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Now they are telling us they are trying to help us with ID theft. His co-workers don't understand that he doesn't want to hear about their computer problems during his lunch hour -- he does that every other hour of the day. We had five weeks of classroom training, and I kid you not, 4 ½ of those weeks were on products and services and order entry. Technology Explained What Is So Good About the New AMD Ryzen? 5 Awesome Programs to Replace Default Windows Software and Apps Windows 5 Awesome Programs to Replace Default Windows Software and http://fmcproducts.net/tech-support/tech-support-help.php

vince ames | January 8, 2014 | reply I recived 2 calles in the last 2 days he said he is a windows tect caller ID #530 619 3038 Didn't fall Read More that had been especially set up for that reason. Read more about Is there an alternative to TrueCrypt? I decided to become obnoxious to them so the next time they called i answered by saying "Oh my gosh, what will I do? https://techguylabs.com/tags/support

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I figured I would be setting up a disaster that would initiate the next time I did connect. It was irrtating the crap out of me, and should've just hung up. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. This man I was meeting for the first time must've truly believed that I was going to help him with his problem at that very moment.

  • It's been audited and so far seems to still be legit.
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  • The fact that the computer guy never gets a moment's peace can also practically force him to withdraw into solitude.

I feel your pain. I do not fall for these and asked w ho they were, etc. The average entry level call center salary in India is about $300. Fake Microsoft Tech Support Popup You will be calling our email number." !!!

Bridget Small - FTC | June 14, 2016 | reply This FTC article about malware (malicious software) explains how to avoid malware, and how to detect malware that's on your computer. PissedOff | July 10, 2014 | reply I feel the same way. The only reason to do this is in the event that his computer was stolen. http://techguylabs.com/tags/truecrypt Show Ignored Content As Seen On Welcome to Tech Support Guy!

Don't run that suspicious file on your PC to check if it alerts your anti-virus software - instead, find out what it is capable of by running the file in a Fake Tech Support Numbers To Prank Obviously this is a fraudulent call, just passing on the info in case it will be helpful to anyone else. Other than that, we emphatically tried to stop their calls but they kept calling back. One of the best known for this is Aussie security expert Troy Hunt, who once kept a phone scammer on the line for an agonizing 44 minutes and 26 seconds by

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No one's gonna fight your battles for you. #34 yadayada on 03, May, 2007 at 12:52 pm Just learn this simple sentence: "I don't have time." …or what I used to http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/just-hang-shouldnt-taunt-fake-tech-support-scammers/ They’ll then tell you that your computer has been compromised. Fake Tech Support Phone Numbers And not just "I'm better at this then 90% of people out there, so bow-down to me" into it. Indian Tech Support Number Anytime you mention ANYTHING close to the […] #141 10 Reasons Why It Doesn’t Pay To Be “The Computer Guyâ€?

It goes like this. “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” I genuinely believe that. click site We’ve heard about several variations of this scam:They might ask if you were happy with the service. Martin called again this morn and told me my comp is locked and it will continue to have problems since I did not get the Microsoft protection. Don't become a baker or coffee shop owner just cause the guy next door does it and has a fancy car. Tech Support Scammer Numbers 2016

I saw some horrible techs with 50 percent. Read more about Should I write Tim Cook about my Apple problem? My main reason was that I would be working with Microsoft products again. news A word of advice, just be crappy at what you do, kind of a dick, and nobody will ask you for anything! #37 anon on 03, May, 2007 at 1:06 pm

Life is wonderful. Scammer Phone Number List I speak in simple terms people can understand but I MAKE them understand. "Your hard drive is like a tangled pile of string, lets reformat and start over" or "a router They should get medals for ridding the world of muppets 😉 (no, i don't advocate murder, just a little light hearted humour) #41 PoofMe.com » Damn it!

I gave him access to my computers.

darnold23 | January 10, 2014 | reply I have received four calls today from #2030 and 704-325-9110 supposedly from Windows Tech support saying that they were receiving reports of viruses coming The scammer Holzman dealt with tried to open the SysKey utility and set a system password. work with kids…do something that will get you the individual attention and respect you need. #7 Shane on 03, May, 2007 at 10:44 am Slam dunk post. Fake Tech Support Popup They both cause the continuous beep.

They come out of China and aren't very expensive. The background noise sounded like a bullpen operation Chris2014 | January 10, 2014 | reply We keep receiving calls at the office from a man telling us he's from Microsoft and The total price that they scammed me for at this time is 352.16. More about the author I cleverly shift the blame back to them or Bill Gates.