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Strange Dialog Box Errors - A little assist?

Strange popup when trying to do anything

Strange Programs. Could they be causing ads & viruses?

Sudden computer virus/adware/crash/pop ups/system repair was reqd to restart

Stuck In Pop Up Land Help!

Supposed Trojan virus

Sys Protect and porn pop up issues

sys protect pop-up

System Alert Pop-Up.please help!

System Alert: SpyWare Detected:message

System Alert: Malware Detected!

System Alert: Malware threats ( I cant get rid of )

system alert popup to download anti spyware

System Alert Trojen-Spywear

System Alert: Malware threats ---HELP!

System Alert:Malware threats neeed help!

System Alert: Malware Threats--These and many

System Alerts: Malware Threats

System Alert: Malwear threats and System Alert: [emailprotected]

System Cop fake Spyware help

System Error pop up message. PLEASE HELP

System infected. Please help!

System Shutdown/Virus?/popups

System Shutdown message/popups

Systray: Virus Alert!: Your Computer is infected!

talking virus and pop up warnings

They tell me I have a Virus?

Tons of Virus's Help

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