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Streamlining XP


Now, you're ready to burn your new, bootable Windows XP SP2 CD. The latest version at the time of this writing is 1.6. Now, drag and drop the contents of the XP Setup CD into the C:\xp folder. Burning ROM will start with a New Compilation window open.

The details are in "Reining In the All Programs Submenu," later in this technique. Printers and Faxes: Same as choosing Start Control Panel Printers and Other Hardware Printers and Faxes. It just wasn't elegant, but Windows 2000 fixed all that, and in XP the slipstreaming process is largely unchanged. There's a Registry key that prevents Windows from showing the Most Frequently Used list entirely.

Streamline Windows 10

This picture is taken from my WinXP system, and you'll notice that I've got two processes starting on boot: nwiz and NvCplDaemon. They store themselves in what is known as your registry. This is about computers. If I find a problem, I can reload those deleted registry values by double-clicking on the regfile I created in the previous paragraph :) MS Windows looks like magic, because it

  1. For this reason, you should choose not to enter the Product Key until after XP is installed.
  2. Notice the hierarchical tree on the left hand side of things?
  3. Why even suggest IE7 in the same breath as Firefox?
  4. The New Compilation dialog disappears and the main window of Nero Burning ROM is available, as shown here.
  5. Thankfully, Microsoft Office finally showed us some respect, starting with Office 2003.
  6. XD I have Malwarebytes+AVG=Platinum Shield! =Dlol, not to be confused with Windows Optimizer.do you use xp?
  7. Previously splipstreamed discs are fine as well.

In my examples I'll be explaining how I used the freeware applications nLite and GameXP to optimize my Windows installation for fast performance in a limited environment, like a VMware virtual These files might include drivers particular to your hardware (especially a network driver so you can get online) and the application updates mentioned in Step 6 below. Now you're getting to the garbage (original Programs folder appears in Figure 13-10). Black Viper Windows opens Windows Explorer at your \\Start Menu\Programs folder.

Pinning what you like to the Start menu The programs you use all the time really belong on the Quick Launch toolbar. Nlite To do so, open up a command line window by navigating to Start, and then Run, and typing "cmd" (no quotes); then hit ENTER. Then login with your new account and delete the old account. http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Windows-XP-Optimization-Guide/ That makes them easy to find.

final All Programs menu looks like Figure 13-15. Speed Up Windows 7 The normal Burning ROM UI will appear with a blank compilation on the left and a tree view of your PC's file system on the right. All Rights Reserved. My Computer: Starts Windows Explorer based at My Computer.


To overcome this problem, be sure to run Step 3 with admin privileges, as described in that step. http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/forum/helproom-1/streamlining-xp-increasing-speed-177797/ To remove a pinned item, right-click it and choose Unpin from Start Menu or Remove from This List. Streamline Windows 10 nLite may take some time to extract and create the new, slim, and trim installation files and ISO (which is just the disc image you burn to a CD), but when Ntlite To look at these folders on your system quickly, right-click the Start menu and choose Explore.

Back when Microsoft was developing Windows 2000, the company decided to create up a more elegant way of integrating service packs and other fixes back into the core OS, so that Check out the final picture--the one named "run.jpg". Add together everything contained in both of these lists, and it's little wonder that Windows can seem sluggish at times.Spend a little time ensuring that only essential services and programs are We'll show you how to download and copy the right files to your new install disc later. Slipstream Windows 7

Select CD-ROM (Boot) from the left side. Print reprints Favorite EMAIL Tweet Discuss this Article 3 cj_muppet on Dec 24, 2012 Hi, One thing to add - you'll need to be logged in with certain admin privileges to There's still a worry, though, that at some point in the future Microsoft will remove this ability, dropping all of the updates. if so how did you get it to look like that Naka, I'm with you.

This is the file you need to extract. Windows Xp Figure 13-4: IE and Outlook are gone from the Start menu, but don't forget to put them on your Quick Launch toolbar. His special feature Hack Attack appears every Tuesday on Lifehacker.

The bad news, however, is that many applications insert themselves into your system startup without ever going near the start menu.

To do so, right-click and choose Extract Microsoft Corporation.img. Search: Brings up Windows Search (see Technique 21). My Music Same reason I scrapped My Pictures. Rufus Now, when was the last time you changed your screen resolution?

See the related sidebar, "Adapting the adaptive menu" for more details. However, you can right-click any entry that offends you and click Remove from This List. It consumed memory and processor cycles all the time, so that when you double-clicked on the icon for MS Word, Word would open more quickly. Also includes the System Event Viewer, which tells you when there's been a problem.

You should see a file called Microsoft Corporation.img (or similar; it will be named something.img) in the right side of ISOBuster. They typically put their programs in a fly-out menu that occupies a minimum of space on All Programs. It's important that you right-click, because if you left-click you may move the program or document. Jobs Media Information Subscription Enquires Books Apps Your Online Choices PC Advisor Phones Smartphone reviews Best smartphones Smartphone tips Smartphone buying advice Smartphone deals Laptops Laptops reviews Laptops tips Best laptops

It merely adjusts the amount of space saved for the Most Frequently Used programs.